The cutting board is the ultimate kitchen staple and workhorse. Around here we are suckers for all the best kitchen gadgets and tools.  

Knife Sets are equally important to the cutting board.  A dull knife makes the process ... DULL. A good knife set with a nice organizational option is fantastic.  We love this stainless steel 17 piece knife set! 

Keeping your kitchen tidy and clean is key to promote and safe environment as well as just overall happiness! A cutting board rack and help harness kitchen chaos and add to your organization.


One of our last must-haves is the perfect apron. Gone are the days of old fashioned aprons.  Aprons can be manly as well as artsy.  We utilize aprons in our kitchens and in our wood workspaces! So from the Daddio of the patio to the petite housewives, there is an apron for you! 

The kitchen tool we have to share is a veggie keeper!  Don't waste your produce or all that chopping time!  

Shake it Like A Salt Shaker!!! But we prefer to grind it!!


Are you a grill master or a Charcuterie at heart? Then you need a meat slicer

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perfect meat slicer charcuterie board