How to Make An Amazing Charcuterie Board?

What is A Charcuterie Board?

The Charcuterie Board originated in France, to be a butcher block board for pork. The Charcutier is the person who prepares the pork products such as bacon, ham, sausage, & confit. 

An amazing Charcuterie Board has the perfect balance both for taste and eyes. It is a yin and yang of flavors and textures that compare and contrast, yet complement each pairing. 

So let's discover your creative side and charcuterie board flavors of choice.  We have taken multiple approaches to our creative concept of the charcuterie board. Our favorites are by finding all our ingredients at local markets or in new towns while we travel.  We should have a bumper sticker that says "We Break For Farmer's Markets." But with a slower travel season due to Covid, we have also 'traveled the world' with date nights, family game nights, and more by having a themed charcuterie board (France, Italy, Greece, etc...) 

Charcuterie boards make great appetizers for a part, a healthy meal for a large group (shop large boards here), a potluck show stopper, a personal beautiful lunch, or a fun way for kids to try and learn things for an afterschool snack. ​

The perfect board is a great place to start, choose a board that accommodates the number of servings and time (appetizer vs a meal). We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to meet any part needs, we also make custom boards for weddings and events.  The board will be the beginning and the end, so find a board that you LOVE. 

Tips for Buying Groceries:

  • Meats as an appetizer 3ounces per person

  • Meats a meal 6 ounces per person

  • Choose meats and cheese of different textures 

  • Color contrasts are eye-catching, add color with carrots, hummus, jars, etc..

  • Check out our Amazon list for some great products to start trying out your creative skills. 

Tips for Placing the Food:

  • You should first place meats, then cheese as they usually cover a majority of the board.  Change up your meats by slicing, rolling, and stacking them.  Cheese can be sliced or not, but slices are easier at the time of serving.  

  • Keep the board symmetrical of sorts. This can be achieved by placing an item on one side followed by an item on the other side. 

  •  If you need to add in a sauce or homemade jam, we love the look of short mason jars or a colorful bowl. 

  • Place your slices of bread and crackers last, around the board, or in a cute basket if you need more room for the above produce.